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Masterclass e-coaching

Deskundig Online

eCoachPro’s Masterclass in e-coaching

Are you looking to expand and professionalize your online coaching skills? Are you curious about the possibilities of time and location-independent coaching?

Then our training is for you. In five modules, this Masterclass equips you to take your clients on successful, efficident development journeys using the power of technology and cutting edge research on the art and science of written coaching. Online work is here to stay, lives are busy and people learn best if interaction with their coaches is flexible and adapted to their daily context: e-coaching is the answer and the future. 

Next level
This training programme is for coaches, career advisors, HR(D) professionals, reintegration, mobility or employability advisors, counselors, mentors & supervisors. For those who want to take their online work to the next level. 

What you will learn:
– What e-coaching is and how it works
– The additional skills you need to be a succesful e-coach
– How to apply the eCP-methodology and our ABC coaching model in practice
– How our state-of-the-art online platform works
– The possibilities and limitations of this revolutionary coaching system
– The do’s and dont’s of e-coaching

Online Masterclass e-coaching International (organised by eCoachPro)


Dates, times and prices
Price: Normally € 1.245 now for € 995,- (with partner discount) 
[Maximum 10 participants per group]

 Group 23 (start March 30th) (FULL BOOKED) 
Group 24 (start April 29th) (FULL BOOKED) 
Group 25 (start May 18th) (FULL BOOKED) 
Group 26 (start June 9th) (FULL BOOKED
Group 27 (start November 4th)
Module 1: 04-11-2020, 10.00-13.00 CET
Module 2: 06-11-2020, 13.00-16.00 CET
Module 3: coaching practice with a test client
Module 4: 01-12-2020, 13.00-16.00 CET
Module 5: 03-12-2020, 13.30-16.30 CET

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